October 25, 2018

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We’ve received a ton of calls from entrepreneurs who are selling on Amazon and need to know more about the Amazon Brand Registry and how it will impact their online business.  Here’s what you should know.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that exists to help brand owners and manufacturers protect their product listings on Amazon.


Brand owners can have more control over their product listings and they can change the details (such as titles, details, and images) much easier.   Products with identifications outside of the UPC and EAN codes can also be listed.


Amazon Brand Registry offers brand owners additional tools to optimize their listings for success as well.


Purpose of the Registry


In essence, the purpose of the Registry is that Amazon can now categorize real brand owners on the site and therefore help them protect their intellectual property (such as trademarks, proprietary text, and images).


Customers can now trust that the popular brands they see on Amazon are the real thing and that information that is provided is accurate.


How does it work?

To be eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry, you must be the brand owner and you must have a registered trademark for the brand you are selling.   (The brand must be registered to you in each country where you wish to enroll.)   Distributors and re-sellers with permission from the brand owner are also allowed to manage the details on a Amazon product page.


Currently, Amazon is only accepting trademarks issued by government trademark offices in the US, European Union, UK, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Japan, India, and Australia.




To begin the process, Amazon must be provided with the trademark registration number for the brand, a list of product categories, a website for the brand, images of logos, products and packaging and a list of countries where products are manufactured or distributed.


Branding must be clearly visible.  Amazon also asks for a unique product identifier that can easily be found, such as a model- or catalog number, or a manufacturer part number.


Amazon verifies that you are the trademark owner before the enrollment to the program can be finalized.





Pros of registering your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry

Yes, the process of enrollment can be cumbersome, but Amazon Brand Registry can have a host of benefits for the business owner.


  • The brand owner is king


The information that Amazon receives from the manufacturer or brand owner is given priority over any other information from other sellers.


In this way, the brand owner can have more control over his Amazon product pages and make sure that the correct information associated with his brand is seen by customers.


  • ‘You are not who you say you are’


The Amazon Brand Registry is a tool that you can use to monitor your brand on the site. Potential infringement can be easily detected with custom features designed for brands.


All product listings on Amazon can be scrutinized by an image search (finding products and logos that match yours) or by a bulk ASIN search.    Potentially infringing content can be found, fast.


If any potential infringement is found, you can submit an easy-to-compile report to Amazon to review and act on.


Also, by telling Amazon all about your brand and the intellectual property associated with it, product listings that aren’t your brand or images that contain your logo, can be found and eliminated.


Amazon can identify sellers that ship from countries in which you do not manufacture or distribute from.   If any new product is listed with your brand name, Amazon can check it against your full product catalog.


It is not to say that others sellers are not going to try selling fake-branded products.  It is still going to happen, but at least a counterfeit product can be removed quickly if you have already proven to Amazon that you own the brand.


  • Enhanced content

Enhanced brand content can be added to the listings of registered brands.   Buyers can see more product details and product conversion rates have shown that this definitely works in selling more of these products.


  • Advertise here!


Advertisements for Amazon Brand Registry products are approved within 24 hours and adjustments can be made to ads without pausing campaigns.




But, there are some cons …


  • Special branding and packaging that is needed to individualize your brand on the Brand Registry may mean that unit cost of your products can rise.
  • You need a website to enroll in the program. It can take time, money and energy to create one.
  • You can’t blacklist or remove unauthorized sellers yourself; the process has to go through the Amazon site.
  • Only the brand owner can submit infringement claims.
  • Unauthorized sellers can, unfortunately, just boomerang back after being removed by Amazon. They can just open up another account under a different name.




The Amazon Brand Registry is an excellent idea for any brand (and brand owner) to improve the whole experience they have with Amazon.   It offers protection and peace of mind in a constantly evolving marketplace where infringement is a daily occurrence.


The Amazon Global team of investigators is available 24/7 to help and take action.   In fact, they jump on any potential infringement notice from brands in the registry within eight hours.


Add to this the whole streamlined process for product changes, ad campaigns and a potential increase in income and it is easy to see why more than 60,000 brands in the world have already signed up for the Amazon Brand Registry program.



How to Use Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 to Protect Your Brand