Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I schedule a consultation?

You can call us directly at 678-536-9749 or schedule an appointment through our website. On the call, we’ll listen, give advice, and tell you how we can help. If we can’t help, we have a community of attorneys we can refer you to who can.

I submitted an inquiry on your website. What’s the next step?

We’ll review your inquiry and respond within 2-3 business days in your preferred method of contact.

What happens at the initial consultation (aka intake)?

We try to make intake as simple as possible. With a little upfront information from you, we can do some preliminary research on your business and unique issue. Even if you choose to go in another direction, you will have some solid direction (and we hopefully receive some good karma). In either case, we will make a professional recommendation from which you can decide.

What is the process for hiring your firm?

To retain our services, you will receive our Contract for Legal Services and Standard Terms of Engagement. This will outline the terms of our attorney-client relationship. If you have any questions about the documents, you are welcome to give us a call at 678-536-9749. You can sign the contract electronically.

How much do you charge?

Transparency and easy billing practices are at the core of our business. We hate watching the clock, so we don’t do it. We want to keep the lines of communication open, so we don’t charge for responding to emails, text messages, etc. We are available for coffee, a drink or meeting at the office.

Saunders Law Group offers flat-fee pricing and payment plans to suit each client’s specific needs. If your project is more suitable for an hourly structure, we will put that in place with a mutually agreeable caps on hours to make things easier and help you budget. We discuss pricing in detail, in advance. We collaborate closely with our clients and are very open to structuring creative fee arrangements if needed.

How do I make payments?

Once you sign the Contract for Legal Services, we will add you to our case management system. You will then receive an invoice for your initial payment and an email from our secure web portal partner, Clio Connect, which will allow you to set up a client account. In Clio Connect, you will be able to share documents with us, review what we’ve been up to on your file as well as see and pay your bill.

How do I follow progress?

You will receive regular updates on issues from our staff via email and telephone. However, you can always go into Clio Connect to see what is going on. Additionally, you can feel free to call us for information. We will always provide you with a timeline for how long we think the work will take. If there is a delay, you will be the first to know.

I’m still not sure who to hire. What should I do?

Business and entertainment law can seem confusing. If you want to talk about your specific concerns, please give us a no-obligation call at 678-536-9749.